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Rules and Conditions

Bouldering in essence is fun and safe, but it can also be dangerous and problematic if you don’t take care of yourself and others. Rock republic can also get busy at times. This is why we all have to follow certain rules to keep you our customers as well as our staff safe and so that everyone can enjoy their time with us. Here are our general rules and terms. So keep safe and have fun!By using our facility you agree that you have read and understood the following:


  1. You must always report to the reception when entering Rock Republic.

  2. You are responsible for your safety and safety of minors in your care at all times when using Rock Republic.

  3. Rock Republic is a public training gym and it is understood that any person using our facility conducts themselves in appropriate manner. If you see any other climber behave in an inappropriate or a dangerous manner, please report this to the team.

  4. Youth climbers are welcome from age 8 under full supervision of an adult - parent of guardian. Adults take active part in supervision of minor dependents.

  5. Be mindful of others, you are never alone at Rock Republic. Make sure you are not in anyone’s way during climbing or on the ground. Do not climb below or above anyone else.

  6. Do not leave anything near the walls on the ‘drop-zone’ area. This is to avoid injuries as much as your belongings being damaged.

  7. Descent by climbing, do not attempt to jump down. If you fall take care and bend your knees and attempt a controlled fall.

  8. If you find a loose or damaged hold please report it immediately to the team.

  9. Food and drinks are not allowed to the mats at any time.

  10.  Outdoor shoes are not allowed on the mats and climbing areas. Please make sure you wear suitable climbing shoes.

  11.  Report any accidents or near misses to the team.

  12.  Always climb within your own abilities. If you need advice please ask the team.

  13. Do not climb on top of the wall pass the markings, only until you reach the end of the ‘problem’ you are solving.


  1. Disclaimer and Safety video is provided each time you are visiting our facility. We request you to read and watch carefully to understand the risks you are exposing yourself to. You must sign the disclaimer to be permitted to use Rock Republic.

  2. If you climb you will do so at your own risk. We explain the dangers and risks on our safety video. Any climbing can result into injury or even death. You must take all precautions and follow the rules to remain safe and ensure the safety of others.

  3. If you are pregnant, in pain or suffering from any health condition, we do not recommend using our center. Be diligent about your safety and consider your health at all times. If you have injuries you may also put others at risk.

  4. Rock Republic has the right to stop and remove any person behaving untowardly or causing potentially dangerous situations. Rock Republic has the right to deny access to the venue from anyone behaving badly or being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. If you are removed from the premises due to your behaviour we will not refund you.

  5. Rock Republic has the right to deny memberships based on our own discretion.

  6. Alcohol is strictly forbidden at Rock Republic.

  7. Smoking inside the centre is prohibited. You may smoke outside in the courtyard.

  8. Rock Republic does not accept any responsibility for injury or lost or damaged personal items. If you are climbing you do so at your own risk.

  9. We sometimes film or take photos of our climbers. Rock Republic is a public place and filming there is allowed with the exception of ladies only days and children. The material captured at the venue can be used for our marketing purposes unless you specifically deny the use of your image.

  10. We reserve the right to amend these rules at any time with notice.