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Rules and Conditions

By using our facility you agree that you have read and understood the following:



1.      You are responsible for the safety and safety of minors in your care at all times when using Rock Republic. Restriction on age for the current year is above 8 YO. Bouldering is not recommended for pregnant women, persons suffering from diseases impacting balance and vision, and persons with no prior exposure to fitness activities. You will not be allowed to use our facility if you have not demonstrated adequate proper behavior on mats and public areas.
2.      Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations and/or government-issued guidelines will result in exclusion from our offered activities; removal from premises; without refunds on ticket/s paid.
3.      Rock Republic is a public training gym and it is understood that any person using our facility conducts themselves in appropriate manner. Disclaimer and Safety video is provided each time you are visiting our facility. We request you to read and watch carefully to understand the risks you are exposing yourself to. You must sign the disclaimer to be permitted to use Rock Republic.
4.      In line with latest covid-9 related regulations, our changing rooms, toilet shower and restrooms remain available and are cleaned every hour.
5.      Food is allowed to be consumed in designated areas; do not consume food and drinks on mats. Water and / or other drinks are permitted from closed containers and are to be consumed away from bouldering areas. Please bring your own container for liquids or buy water container / flask at reception; due to hygienic reasons we are unable to provide you with cups or glasses.


1.      You are required to book for a specific session, walk ins are accepted only in case of available capacities within time slot. Climbing session is limited to the attended time slot.
2.      If you wish to stay longer, please book for another session and follow standard booking procedures.
3.      Please visit our website’s section for appropriate booking options. 
4.      You are able to make a booking for advance of any time slot published; usually for a period of a month. If you cancel your booking 6hours in advance, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel within 6hours, you may lose your session credit. Please be responsible with bookings as each no show blocks a space that someone else may have used.
5.      Our venue is sanitized after each session and thus complies with regulations as stipulated by government. To ensure maximum optimization, there will be no changes to these session timings on individual basis.
6.      We reserve the right to update timings for sessions as we best see fit; in doing so we will fulfill all reserved spaces requests.

7.      We are still observing reduced capacity of 50%. By managing your bookings in the correct way you are enabling available spaces for other customers.


1.      You are welcome to enjoy our gym if you are healthy, without fever or any signs of being unwell.

2.      We have 30minutes between sessions to disinfect our venue; you will be allowed inside 10minutes ahead of your session to be able to prepare for your bouldering slot. If you are late or later than your opening slot, you are permitted to join into your session, but your time will not be extended; your session ends at predetermined time. This system allows us to maximize our allowed capacity and ensures to every climber of their dedicated time.

3.      You are required to vacate the premises within 10minutes after your session has ended. This allows our team time to disinfect our venue for the next time slot.

4.      Hand sanitizer is available for you use any time; you must sanitize your hands before you climb; gloves are therefore not required during bouldering.

5.      You must wear a mask; covering your face and nose for warm-up and cool-down, otherwise you may remove it from mouth/nose areas but leave it on you ready for use any time required.

6.      Rental shoes and only permitted with socks; rental shoes are sanitized after every use. We strongly recommend buying your own pair of shoes to avoid any possible exposure to bacteria (not necessarily only Covid-19).

7.      Chalk bags are not permitted for rent due to cross-contamination potential – we have no way of sanitizing these. Please bring your own or purchase a chalk + bag at reception.

8.      Due to the potential of cross-contamination, we will not be able to hold any personal items as Lost and Found longer than the day found. You are requested to ensure all your belongings are recovered at the time of you leaving our venue; you can also collect these before the end of the day.


1.      You must maintain safe distance when bouldering (2meters). Please allow such measures to take place even if it means you need to wait a minute on the mat to take turn at your problem!
2.      Please wear proper fitness attire when bouldering – topless bouldering will not be permitted. Fitness apparel with moisture wicking potential is best to minimize sweat and moisture transfer to surfaces and other climbers.
3.      Liquid chalk is preferable to powder.
4.      Please do not leave any belongings other than those required for bouldering on our bouldering mats during your session; such as water bottles; phones; wallets etc. all your personal items carry a high risk of contamination for yourself and fellow climbers, as well as staff members of Rock Republic.
5.      Please collect your belonging and ensure nothing is left behind after your session is complete; we currently hold Found items only until end of the day.

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