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What is bouldering and why you should try it

Bouldering is climbing without any support from ropes or other equipment. In bouldering you use your own body strength to hold on to latches and rocks. At Rock Republic we have specially built bouldering walls with designed bouldering routes to suit any climber from beginner to advanced climbers. Bouldering is an excellent form of exercise. It builds up your full muscle strength, coordination and concertation. Bouldering is truly a full body exercise and it never gets boring, there are so many variations! In bouldering you need to exercise your mind a lot too to see what you will move on to next.

Originally developed for training for mountaineering and climbing with ropes, bouldering has become a sport on its own right. Many people do only for example indoor bouldering at specially designed bouldering centres. Outdoor bouldering is often based on naturally formed rocks with either natural cracks and slabs, sometimes there are places with manmade added latches.

Bouldering centres or climbing gyms are specially designed places with indoor climbing walls usually only up to 4 or 5 meters height. Let’s admit, we like indoor stuff here in UAE under the scorching sun! Bouldering walls are designed to have several routes or ‘problems’ to solve usually ranging from easy beginners problems to more challenging advanced problems. The problems are usually differentiated by colour if built on the same wall, which makes them easier to follow. And it also means you can check out the more advanced climbers working on the same wall as you and get some tips! Flooring below the walls is softened in case of falls to prevent any injuries. All you need for indoor bouldering are suitable climbing shoes, comfy clothes and perhaps some chalk to prevent your fingers from slippering.


Why bouldering is good for you?

Bouldering has many health benefits. Besides the obvious building up strength in your upper body and hands, you end up using your entire body and legs more than would think. Bouldering increases your body’s core strength, you need this for stability and of course to even push yourself upwards. So if pilates isn’t enough for you, try bouldering to get those abs working!

As for the mental exercise, bouldering is a problem-solving skill too. Climbing up a certain route or a problem as they are called, you are solving the problem like a puzzle. You need to focus to see what the next move is and how are you going to get there. Coordinating your limbs and body to work the way it needs to and reach the next spot is important. Who doesn’t like puzzles eh?

In addition to all this it is actually a very social sport. People who take on bouldering tend to be like minded and there’s always support around. You get to meet amazing people who do bouldering and between of climbing, when you take a rest, (and it’s essential that you do!) you get to chat to fellow climbers. Here at Rock Republic we have a solid climbing community which is growing everyday with new members. So come and join the fun; meet new friends, get fitter and feel better!