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Team Building

Who hasn’t been climbing as a kid? it might have been a tree if you grew up in Europe, or a fence if you wanted to get to the neighbours’ lawn or maybe you conquered your grandpas’ recliner when he was trying to watch the news, but we’ve all done it. So why not try it now?

Bouldering can be done solo, but it can be very social also. You can make it whatever you want! It is good for bonding if you think about team buildings and it gives you something new and different to talk about. Even if not all of you could climb, you can advise and cheer people on, help people solve the problems and see how people behave in unusual situations. You can see how people take on different roles during a bouldering team session. It is like completing a huge puzzle with your friends, you just need to exercise bit more than your fingers to do it. It needs patience and endurance. It needs some strength but it also needs your brains. There is a strategy to it. Is your team up for the challenge to try something new?

Our group sessions usually start with min 10 people, we can take up to 50 people in one go, but usually a good number is somewhere between 10 and 25. We have professional coaches, both men and women, who will be here to support your team. Pre-booking is essential for groups and recommended hours are outside of our normal hours if you wish to get a private session, as we tend to get busy each night!

If you are interested in group bookings or team buildings, please contact us on to find out rates and more info.