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Will Hardie

Will Hardie, outdoor adventure leader with 25 years’ experience on rocks and ropes – half of which with his own two amazing kids.
Beginning as a pure rock climber (bouldering and traditional rock climbing) before moving into mountaineering, ice climbing, canyoning, caving and many other outdoor sports. Will regularly takes part in expeditions and often leads groups in the mountains.
In his own words: "I’ve spent a lot of time learning rock and rope skills and training and coaching others, because I’m a nerd for this stuff and I love watching people grow by challenging themselves. Especially kids: climbing can be a perfect mix of fun, exhilaration, independence, focus and mindfulness."
Will is IRATA level 1 industrial rope technician and qualified cave rescue team member; lead technical and rescue trainer for the Middle East caving team; and a certified First Aid / Emergency First Responder. His real job is that of a professional trainer and coach.
Will is heading our youth classes. You can check out this program on our website or at reception.

Diana Nateras

Diana is from Mexico, the country of colors and joy. "I’ve been doing rock climbing for just over 8 years now. I’ve got inspired with the atmosphere around it, the people, the love for the outdoors and the body movements. Within this time I have discovered Ashtanga Yoga, which I think creates a perfect balance with rock climbing. Therefore I decided to take the 500hr Ashtanga Yoga Teacher training so I can combine these two and share my practice with you.

​I strongly believe in the relationship between yoga and rock climbing.

In climbing, I make one wrong move and I lose my balance, I take one short breath and I can fall. It’s the same in yoga. They are both much more than a practice or a hobby. They are a way of life, a philosophy, a journey of self-discovery. They are grateful movements of the body and the soul, a form of dance I might say.

​Both climbing and yoga involve challenging positions, flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, enhanced breathing, focus and grace.

They compliment each other incredibly. Not only do they enhance your physical strength, but combining them together also improve your ability to keep your mind clear and engaged during your sessions on the wall and on the mat.


Come, step on the mat, breathe and rediscover your flow."

Federico Galbieri

"I started rock climbing (bouldering and sport climbing) in Italy, in 2010, and have ever since been addicted to outdoor sports. I developed my climbing skills and knowledge between the Alps and the mountains in UAE and Oman.

My recent focus has been on bouldering, yet I am very passionate about climbing multi-pitch routes, big walls, ice climbing and deep water soloing.

I am also an active member of the bolting community, who is focused on setting new climbing routes in the UAE.

Since 2017 I have been a trainer at Rock Republic, mainly for beginners and intermediate climbers. My favorite part about being an instructor is transmitting the love I have for climbing and creating passion in newbies. Climbing has many benefits for mind and body: it improves determination and concentration, but also develops strength, endurance and flexibility. Climbing is not just the most amazing sport, but also a lifestyle!"

Louis Beal

Louis Beal, originally from France is working as an oil trader outside of coaching at Rock Republic. He started rock climbing outside in the Center & South of France. He instantly fell in love with the sports. He loved the feeling of pushing his body to the max, until the failure, the fall … & the big whipper all the way down. 

Recently Louis has been focusing more on bouldering. It requires a mix of coordination, strength, flexibility & explosivity which makes it exciting and appeals to Louis’ free spirit. Being free of anything. Raw. Purity is released from this discipline. His current of level of climbing is V9-V11, which is very impressive!

Louis says: ‘I see bouldering as a game. I enjoy a lot sharing this game with my friends & creating boulders to others. There is no other feeling than getting surprised by Your own body.’

Louis worked with kids and adults on group and individual basis. His strengths are dynamic moves, overhangs and original move combinations.

Precious Ayivor

Ivana Kolaric

Born and raised in Serbia, Ivana fell in love with sports since early age. She has been in Dubai for the past five years helping people on their fitness journeys to achieve their goals and feel good about themselves.

Ivana likes spreading her positive energy and passion for fitness and sports everywhere she goes.  Besides coaching, she enjoys rolling in mud, crawling under barbed wire, hanging on the monkey bars, jumping over the fire and competing in obstacle course racing locally and internationally. Her achievements earned her a spot in Asics Frontrunner and XDubai team. Her close friends like to call her “’Serbinator”’ as she never gives up and always fights till the end. 

Ivana is an outdoor lover and besides obstacle course races, she also competes in adventure and expedition races. You can see her running on the beach carrying a sandbag, cycling around the block, climbing or kayaking.  She is the first female certified Spartan coach in the Middle East.
She is experienced in coaching both adults and kids and getting them ready for obstacle course races and championships. She is also one of the co-founders of OCR Nation, the biggest OCR team in the Middle East.