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Welcome to Rock Republic, By Climbers for Climbers.

Our story started in 2012, when Pete and Guida founded distribution company Global Climbing.  Both Pete and Guida are passionate climbers and sports and outdoor enthusiasts. They discovered an opportunity to transform their life-long love for climbing into a real possibility of opening a centre for like-minded individuals. With the help of Hamad Sajwani, since them hailed as the best Emirati Climber and winner of numerous climbing competitions in the UAE, they started Rock Republic. Rock Republic was born with the simple aim of being the meeting and training place for climbers and passionate adventurers. Rock Republic serves as the flagship hub for bouldering in the region.

Outdoor climbing and bouldering remain challenging in this region due to weather conditions and due to lack of available crags and boulders. In our centre, continuous training is possible all year around for seasoned climbers as well as beginners. We aim to grow the love of this sport within the existing climbing community as well as the community itself. Since 2012, we have increased our numbers from exclusive 50+ to more than 600 active members . We continue to introduce bouldering into other sports disciplines such as CrossFit or OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) associated now with Spartan Race Arabia and its members.

Rock Republic doubled its size in 2016 during our long-awaited expansion into the centre you see today. World-class wall structures from Walltopia ensure quality and modern feel of our venue. Over 400sq m of bouldering walls make us no 1 in the region in terms of size. We welcome anyone from 8-years up to come and join us to get fit, strong and social. You can also acquire climbing-specific equipment through our retail unit located within our centre and online at

Our current facilities operate 7 days a week with mix of classes, open sessions and the possibility for private booking for group trainings. We also cater for special events such as birthday parties or team buildings. We work in collaboration with FitPass, OCR Nation and similar platforms and clubs to continue spreading the love of bouldering, reinforcing freedom of active movement and providing facilities for people to make positive lifestyle choices with long-lasting effects on their well-being.


We are Rock Republic. Get fit, get healthy, get social.